Roberts Resorts

National Donut Day!

 We had a very sweet time celebrating National Donut day across all our resorts! Don’t forget to scroll down to read and view pictures on how we celebrated!


Lake Osprey RV Resort in Alabama started their day with a sweet surprise. They had over 4 boxes of complimentary donuts available for every resident in their clubhouse.

Our RV resorts in Utah also had a yummy pastry waiting because we know how important breakfast is, especially before an adventure!

Our Park City RV resort provided everyone (including pups) with donuts, coffee and treats!

Our Portal RV resort in Moab, Utah went through 108 donuts and a gallon of orange juice and apple juice!!!! The guests absolutely loved and devoured it!

It’s always warm in Arizona – including our morning donuts! Our guests and residents over at Pueblo El Mirage RV & Golf Resort even took their donuts on the golf course!  Hope it helped them get a hole in one!

Whether your in Arizona, Utah, or down in Alabama – donut day is delightful anywhere!!! (especially when it includes sprinkles on top) Don’t believe us? Just look at at our smiling guests in the photos below! ?