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Owning an RV Lot: What you Need to Know

RV traveling has always been around, however recently, more and more people have been embracing the RV lifestyle. Investing your hard earn money in an RV lot might be the next big decision you make. Be sure to read the following recommendations before buying!


​Like in all Real Estate – Location is King! Your lot appreciation will be directly correlated to the location of the lot. Visit the campground and the surrounding areas and familiarize yourself with the area. Be mindful of weather, neighborhood, and the community around the lot. An RV Lot in a desirable location will make you money when you are ready to sell or rent it.  


​On site amenities are important amongst the RVLifers. To ensure that you are making a good investment – be sure to pick the resort wisely when buying your lot. Luxury amenities bring more demand. Luxury amenities should include: Swimming Pool, Sports Amenities, Dog Parks, Event Centers, Fitness Centers etc.


​On site management will make or break an RV Resort. Make sure you spend some time at the resort as a guest first. This will give you an idea of how the resort is managed. The on-site management should offer all guests and residents excellent customer service and should maintain the facilities and amenities in excellent condition.


​RV Living is more than just a spot to park – it is a community! When purchasing your RV lot, choose a resort that fosters a sense of community for everyone on site. Look for an RV resort that offers community events and activities where you can meet people and truly feel part of a community.

​If you're thinking about purchasing an RV lot in an award-winning RV community - visit our website and find the community for you!

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