Tips for RV Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to keep your RV or camper up to date and running smoothly. Doesn’t matter if you are traveling full-time or just heading out a few times a month, RV maintenance is important and should be considered seasonally if not regularly.

Here are a few tips to making sure your camper is good to go for your next camping trip!

Tips for RV Maintenance

Whether you have a motorhome with an engine or a trailer with a hitch, there is always something that needs a little maintenance.

  • The Wheels on The RV – Will hopefully go round and round to your next camping adventure! RV maintenance requires that you keep up with the very things that move you. Are your wheels aired up, have good tread, and are they ready to hit the road?
  • Filters, Fluids, and Fuel – Even for those who are pulling their RV, it’s important to be sure your vehicle’s fluids are replenished, your filters are clean, and your tanks are full.

RV Maintenance

  • Winterizing – Depending on the climate you are storing your RV in, winterizing can either mean a quick lock up or an entire maintenance routine. Make sure your lines are clear of water, your tanks are emptied, and all loose ends are sealed up (doors, windows, storage). Make sure to consult a full RV maintenance guide to learn how to winterize your particular vehicle.
  • Get Familiar with Extended Warranties – Like any vehicle, RVs and campers are going to have their days where breakdowns and mishaps happen. Look into what an extended warranty can do for your vehicle.
  • Raise the Roof or At Least Seal It Up – RVs can be sensitive to rain and leakage over time. It’s worth the seasonal maintenance to make sure your roof is sealed and not under threat of leaking or sagging.
  • All Systems Running – There are tons of electrical and gas-powered systems that make an RV the perfect getaway home. Part of RV maintenance is just making sure everything is running as it should. Kitchens, bathrooms, slide-outs, heaters, and air conditioners all have systems that need to be tested periodically.
Ready for a little RV Maintenance?

Don’t forget to consult this list of RV maintenance tips for your next camping trip… What better way to test your RV than to go camping in it? Book your RV stay today at Oak Forest RV Resort!

Happy Camping!

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