RV Maintenance Before Your Next Trip

Camping season is right around the corner which means it’s important to make sure your RV maintenance is up to date. You don’t want to break down on the road because of some preventable cause. It’s worth taking the time to get a checklist together of what your camper needs before your first trip of the season.

Here is a list of just a few things you can do to make sure your RV is road ready.

RV Maintenance

RV Maintenance Checklist

Take it in for a check-up or look over it yourself, RV maintenance is important to making sure your camper is safe and still able to make it on the road.

Check Your Tires
You won’t get very far without a good pair of wheels. It’s what moves your vehicle forward. Whether you pull your camper or drive it, you will always rely on having a good pair of tires.

Check for Leaks
RVs are not indestructible and depending on where your RV is stored, the weather can take a toll on the durability of your vehicle. Even new campers have the potential to have gaps and cracks, so check for leaks and make sure your RV is still sound.

Check the Electricity
Plug it in and make sure you still have power! Slides in and out, lights on, outlets work, brake lines functioning. You’re good to go.

Check the Tanks
Make sure your black/grey tanks are still holding. A small unknown crack can become a big problem quickly.

Check Your Fluids
Again, whether you’re towing your camper or driving it, RV maintenance means checking to make sure your vehicles are running smoothly. Check your fluids, check your engine, clean your filters, and make sure you can trust the vehicle you’re in.

What Would You Add to Your RV Maintenance Checklist?

The camping season is right around the corner so it’s important to keep up with your RV maintenance before your start planning your getaway. Taking the time to check your camper can benefit the longevity of your vehicle and its safety. So, make sure all systems are running, start your engines, and hit the road!

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